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Settlement Reached in Las Vegas Alpine Motel Fire Litigation


LAS VEGAS, NV — After an arduous process of over six months of intensive mediation involving over 55 plaintiffs and 18 defendants, Murdock & Associates, a distinguished Las Vegas-based law firm specializing in catastrophic loss, wrongful death, and fire litigation, has successfully secured a confidential settlement in the Alpine Motel fire case. As lead counsel, the firm's unwavering commitment to justice has culminated in a resolution that aims to bring solace to the victims and their families affected by this tragic incident.

The Alpine Motel fire, which claimed the lives of six individuals and left over 50 people injured, sent shockwaves through the Las Vegas community in December 2019. Guided by the expertise of Murdock & Associates, this complex litigation sought to hold accountable the responsible parties and ensure that justice was served.

Under the leadership of trial attorney Robert Murdock, the legal team tirelessly navigated the intricate web of mediation, aiming to provide a voice for the victims and secure fair compensation for their losses. Through rigorous investigation and complex legal strategies, Murdock & Associates led the negotiation that reflects the gravity of the harm suffered and the needs of the affected parties.

While the details of the settlement remain undisclosed due to confidentiality agreements, the outcome represents a significant milestone in the pursuit of justice for the victims of the Alpine Motel fire. Murdock & Associates' commitment to excellence, professionalism, and compassionate advocacy played an instrumental role in reaching this resolution.

Murdock & Associates continues to stand as a beacon of legal representation for those affected by catastrophic events. The firm remains dedicated to upholding the highest standards of legal practice and supporting the rights of individuals and families in their quest for justice.


Cover Photo By: L.E. Baskow/Las Vegas Review-Journal

About Murdock & Associates:

Murdock & Associates is a Las Vegas-based law firm specializing in catastrophic loss, wrongful death, and fire litigation. Under the guidance of esteemed trial attorney Robert Murdock, the firm is committed to seeking justice for victims and delivering unparalleled legal representation. With a reputation for excellence and compassionate advocacy, Murdock & Associates has successfully handled complex cases, ensuring fair compensation for those affected by tragedy.

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